After being pulled from nation-wide screenings last minute in November, Motel Mist, the debut movie of S.E.A. Write award-winning writer Prabda Yoon, has now been cleared for screening. 

An announcement posted last night on the movie's Facebook page thanks all the movie's crew and fans for their support, stating: "Despite being lost in an orbit, Motel Mist remains in perfect condition without any changes. If anything, we have now improved our management team to be completely perfect. For those who are traveling to our galaxy, please be aware that our hotel is now ready to open for service."

Last month, Thailand’s independent film community was shocked when Motel Mist was pulled from screens the day it was meant to be released. The decision came from producers at cable network True Visions, which financed the project, over concerns about erotic and violent content.

Despite the Facebook post's hints towards a change in management team, it still remains unclear whether the movie is still supported by True Visions or how it got cleared for screening. A hashtag in the post suggests that the film will now hit theaters on Dec 15, although no specific cinemas are named. 

Watch the trailer for the movie here: