1. The library at Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall is really, really nice.

A one-day pass is only B20. Free entry for students.  


2. The Bank of Thailand Museum is now open for walk-in visits on Saturdays.


3. The Old Town has just welcomed a heritage challenge styled after the Amazing Race.


4. You can actually make merit at the City Pillar Shrine to avoid the massive tourist crowds of Wat Phra Kaew...

And also in the Buddhaisawan Chapel at National Museum.


5. Speaking of which, Thailand now has a world-class showcase of priceless Buddhist art. Finally.


6. Nang Loeng Market is a Thai dessert heaven... 

It's also the oldest market in Phra Nakhon. Just show up early.


7. You can climb the Golden Mount at night during the annual Golden Mount Temple Fair. 

And there’s a tonne of food and fun games along the way...

It's all happening now through Nov 25—that's Loy Krathong!


8. Nothing beats the slow-life on Phra Sumen Rd.

Start the day with a Thai-Chinese style coffee here...

Park your bike here and check out the small gallery on the second floor... 


Get inspired at this bookshop, one of the coolest indie stores in town... 


Or just grab a coffee at this hipster cafe


9. Drinks at the rooftop bar of Sala Rattanakosin are not crazy expensive...

Can’t say the same for the food though.


10. Tha Maharaj Community Mall is now worth visiting, thanks to the arrival of has Peppina, After You, Amatissimo, Gram… and it will soon get a Muteki, too.



11. The orange juice at Padthai Pratu Phee is totally worth the B120/bottle.


12. Everyone's opening hostels here. And some of them are kinda cool.

Once Again Hostel

Here Hostel

The Secret Service


Nitan Hostel


13. You can get this amazing view straight from the window if you stay at Baan Dinso@Ratchadamnoen


14. You can buy vinyl at this place, tucked behind the October 14 Memorial.

Tonchabab Records


15. Adhere 13th still hosts the best live blues in town.

And there's a whole lot more to be discovered down Samsen Rd.


16. Entry to Dusit Palace is free, if you don’t need to enter Vimanmek Teak Mansion.


17. Err’s one baht lucky draw is awesome.

Hint: you can win a free dish or get 20% off your bill!


18. This scrumptious burger is only across the road from Seven Spoons.


19. Ratchadamnoen Avenue at night is really beautiful during Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and New Year's.


So much that you won’t mind the traffic


20. You should probably avoid Suan Luang Rama 8 during Loy Krathong Festival, though, unless you really like crowds.

credit: TAT 

Sure, it's kind of hard to get to, but this historic part of town is so full of charm you’ll want a staycation there at least once a year.