The Rooftop at Sala Rattanakosin

The buzz: The main restaurant at the Sala Rattanakosin hotel has proved a very popular venue in recent months (especially on Instagram), thanks to its riverside location, killer views and celebrity clientele. However, maybe it’s because people are too lazy to climb up the stairs (there’s no elevator) or the fact that there’s no sign, but fewer souls have ventured to check out its rooftop bar, where you can enjoy refreshing cocktails along with breathtaking views of the Chao Phraya River and Wat Arun.

The décor: The bar is perched on the rooftop of the building, meaning you have to climb up four floors to get there. Every detail of this open-air space aims to reflect the overall theme of Sala, from its minimalist décor to its simple black and white palette. The real benefit of the clean design is that nothing distracts you from the views. Kick back on one of the couches and you’ve got the prang (spire) of Wat Arun towering over you from across the river; turn your head and you’ve got the entire complex of Wat Pho in your line of sight. Both look just beautiful when lit up at night.   

The crowds: At the moment, hiso hipsters and TV stars, their friends and their Instagram followers. We saw a few Western tourists, too, but the hordes haven’t discovered the place yet.

The drinks: Try their signature cocktails, such as Rooftop Punch (rum, grand mariner, cointreau, lime juice, fruit punch, B275) and Sala Sunset (Sangsom, triple sec, fresh mango). Local beers Singha and Heineken start from B130 while Asahi, Corona, and San Miguel are B150. Whiskey starts from B180 for Sangsom and JW Red Label to B250 for 12-Year Chivas Regal. Selections of single-malt whiskey are also available.

Why you’ll come back: The laidback ambiance is perfect for a pre-dinner drink with either friends or a date. You can’t order food up there, so there’s also less chance of your evening being ruined by noisy families. The fact there’s no elevator also means it doesn’t get packed out too fast. Top Koaysomboon

Venue Details
Address: The Rooftop at Sala Rattanakosin, 4/F, Sala Rattanakosin Hotel, Bangkok,
Phone: 02-622-1388
Area: Riverside, Rattanakosin (Old Town)
Opening hours: daily 4:30-10pm
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