BK is hiring!


BK and Grove, Coconuts Media’s in-house creative agency, are looking for talented, creative writers and editors to join the teams behind Bangkok’s leading English-language lifestyle magazine.

If you have what it takes to help set the tone for our products and are eager grow in the industry, check the job listings below. 


Associate Editor (BK)


Senior Writer (BK)


Staff Writer (BK)


Associate Thai Editor (Grove)


About BK Magazine


Bangkok changes fast, and so do we.

Week in and week out, we scour the city to find the best of the city—the brand-new venues everyone’s talking about, the coolest new shops, the hottest bars, the best new restaurants. We are often the first to spot—and set—new trends in the city.

BK readers turn to us for unbiased opinions of and recommendations for Bangkok’s best restaurants, shops, bars, and things to do.

The writers and editors at BK are held in high esteem as experts on Bangkok: the only independent food reviews in town, viciously funny editorials, carefully curated travel deals, stories that speak out on the issues that matter to everyone living in this city. 


About Grove


Grove is a content studio backed by a platform that was built for authentic and real storytelling, with all the expertise in-house to create effective, engaging, and cost-efficient content and entertainment for brands.

Our work harnesses Coconuts Media’s publishing and production expertise as well as our audience of millions across the region to inform our content strategy and creative campaigns.