City Hall's ongoing cleanliness and order campaign has had a clear impact of late (just witness the largely stall-free streets of Siam), but Ari is one neigborhood whose street-food stalls appear to be safe...for now, at least. 

Back in Dec, 2016, a member of the I Love Ari ! Aree Bangkok Facebook group posted that the end was near for Ari's stalls: "The khao mun gai stall on Ari has just informed me that all food stalls on Soi Ari have been ordered to move on by Mar 8 :( no more food on the street... sad news for Ari."

The post caused an outpouring of grief, but was followed by slightly better news on Feb 6 that some of the food stalls would, in fact, be moving to an alley between Soi 1 and 2. 

Now it looks like all changes are off the cards, for the time being. We visited the area last night and spoke to many of the stall-holders, who basically told us they're allowed to stay put until told otherwise. 

"We were going to have to move out by Mar 8," said the auntie who runs the fruit stall at the start of the soi. "But we've since been told it's OK to continue selling around here." 

The owner of the orange juice stall expanded on the subject: "I heard they [the government officials and police] literally just had a meeting today [Mar 2] and called off the order for us to move. All we know now is we no longer have to move out by Mar 8. But who knows when the next order will come..."


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