2017's hottest drink fad comes to a convenience store near you—just in time for 2018. 

2017's hottest drink fad has arrived at a corner near you, with 7-Eleven unveiling its new line of cheese tea drinks. 

The seemingly strange combination of tea and frothy cream cheese kicked off in Taiwan, before taking off in China, Malaysia, the US and right here in Thailand.

At B45, 7-Eleven’s cheesy tea creations are around half the price of Guangzhou-born trend-setter Heekcaa’s (which arrived in Bangkok this year), though the powdery cheese—which one of our writers described as “tasting kind of like Cheetos”—is not proving to everyone’s tastes.
The debate rages online. A Facebook post by 7-Eleven (see below) has garnered a mix response with some dessert-loving web denizens commenting that the tea-based drinks are too salty. 

To order the cheese tea drinks, first make sure to visit a 7-Eleven branch with a dedicated cafe. For an extra B15, you can add cheese to any of the regular tea drinks (lemon, milk, matcha green tea, B30). 7-Eleven recommends drinking from the cup at a 45-degree angle to get the best of both tea and cheese worlds in a single gulp. 

Where do you stand on the whole cheese tea thing? Miss the days when tea was tea and cheese was cheese? Leave a comment below.