1. You're not even at the station yet and you're already depressed. 

What is this line..... 


2. After 10 minutes, you finally reach the gate. You swipe your Rabbit card...

only to realize that there are no trips left...


3. Say what?! They raised the promotional fares to B30 per trip! 

Fine. Single journey card, it is.


4. OK, this uncle in front with his B1 coins needs to leave.


What happened to the good old days with multiples of five?!


5. You finally got the ticket, but you're right behind these damn tourists who keep swiping their single journey tickets. 

No. Just No.


6. It's 6pm. At last you get to the platform station. You’re dying in a swarm of people and then...


7. An aunty cuts straight in front you as the door closes.

You, sir, just got shafted. #AuntyHumans


8. And of course some kid texting has just casually fallen off the platform...

Photo: postjung.com 


9. But at least you see the best people while you wait...  Hold my hair, I need to meet Sailor Moon.

Photo: fb.com/ohmysat 


10. After 20 minutes and 2 trains later, you're in. Only to find some uncle leaning his sweaty back on the pole.


11. These people who need. to. STOP. 

Photo: fb.com/ohmysat

12. Then a young high schooler offers her seat for you. Wait a minute... 



13. You feel a cold breeze from the air con and it’s freezing because you’re all wet from the storm.



14. You smell something weird, only to find that someone's eating somtam. #HANGRY

photo: pantip


15. I guess pole-dancing on the BTS is a thing now ?

Although it's not nearly as cute when you try it yourself... 


16. Out of the corner of your eye you see some high school kid trying to take your photo.

Girl, I know I’m cute but can you stop creeping? #BTSCuteGuys


17. And of course there are those people who are just so freaking in love. 

Y'all need a reality check: true love on the BTS ain't like this movie! 


18. THANK GOD! It’s finally your stop. You’re trying to get out but there's always that one aunty... 

Photo: fb.com/ohmysat 


19. You wonder why you can never walk down the escalator...


20. And you wonder if people actually shop at these places... 



Now.. how do I get to the Airport Link again?