DJ Moto spends 60 seconds with BK before hitting the Songkran party with gCircuit.

As a child: I grew up in a house of music; Mum and dad always had Ella Fitzgerald, Joe Williams or Tony Bennett on in the background. And my older brother was a big jazz funk and soul collector. So I was always stealing his records when he was out.

First job: I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do when I left school; I loved music and art so I got a job in construction. Luckily hard work didn’t agree with me, so I tried to find other ways to make some money.

Rule for life: Treat others as you wish to be treated. It’s not a hard one, really.

Happiest moment: I’m lucky to have had so many. They normally involve family, sunshine and the sea. Not very rock n’ roll, I know.

Can’t live without: A cuddle from my kids. Also, I didn’t have an Internet connection for a week last month. I felt like I was trapped on a desert island.

Hum this tune in the shower: Normally something very soulful. This morning it was Aretha Franklin’s “Baby I Love You” followed by Dusty Springfield’s “Baby Blue” as I shaved.

Best gig I have ever been to: A Moto Blanco one, of course. No, I do hold a soft spot for open-air nightclubs in Ibiza in the late eighties. As a longhaired naive teen from South London I was blown away with the island, the mix of people and the amazing clubs. There’s nothing like dancing as the sun rises over your head.

Last lie: “Your track is great!” Sometimes it’s better to tell a little white lie rather than tell them it’s crap and make people give up on it. Constructive positive feedback works much better.

Most inspirational person: Too many to mention.
Most annoying thing you have to encounter everyday: Ignorance.

Would like to be remembered as: A thoroughly nice chap.
In 20 years: It will involve family, sunshine and the sea.

Meet DJ Moto Blanco at gCircuit: Song Kran 5


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