A still-climbing number of Covid-19 cases isn’t stopping Thai officials from celebrating the return of tourism.
With the country having just reimposed tight restrictions to flatten the curve, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) today posted a new promo video to promote the country’s reopening. 
Dubbed Thailand now open, the two-minute-long video runs like a “best hits” montage. In one scene, you spot a couple enjoying sit-down dining at Le Du with chef Thitid “Ton” Tassanakajohn in the background, despite the ban on dine-in across Bangkok. In another, there are indoor action shots of Nana Coffee Roasters.
Since the launch of the video, many have aired their grievances over government officials promoting tourism while the country suffers. 
“This is such a shame,” wrote Youtube user Urylia Greenleaf. “Thailand is not ready to accept tourists. We still have many people who are infected with COVID-19 and die every day. Why would you put a picture of a skater everywhere? Our roads are not suitable for anyone to surf.” 
Another Youtube user, hanis tahe, also shared similar frustrations. “Thailand is still not really open. Everybody must stay in quarantine for 2 weeks even if they are fully vaccinated.” 
“As long as you don’t provide tourists with better vaccines like mRNA, admit no one in their right mind would like to come here. More than half of Thai people still remain unvaccinated; Even those who are vaccinated [with Sinovac] are virtually defenseless since it doesn’t stop the spread of the virus,” wrote Youtube user Paknam 536. 
With partial lockdowns affecting restaurants and bars in the Thai capital, the traveling experience currently can be spent in the protection of luxury hotels and food delivery. Considering the current situation, the chances of reopening the whole country by October are murky, at best.