But there's a catch. 

Pattaya taxi drivers have reportedly agreed to start using their meters—but only on their own terms.

According to Pattaya News, the beach city’s taxi drivers were called before authorities last week to answer complaints that they’re refusing to use their meters.

In response, representatives from Pattaya’s main taxi networks have proposed a new starting rate of B100 for the first two kilometers, up from B40, and almost three times what’s charged in Bangkok. The proposed fare will then rise B20 per every kilometer.

The taxi drivers point to the ever-rising cost of living in the city as the reason behind the proposed fare hike.

Seemingly since forever, visitors to Pattaya have had to endure taxi drivers demanding fixed prices of between B200-300 even for short rides, despite it being against the law. That could all change when city authorities give consideration to the proposed flag fall at a meeting tomorrow (Jul 26).