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Overview: The recently revamped Museflower Retreat offers a holistic wellness experience that nails all the buzzwords: eco-conscious living, organic food, yoga, empowerment and, of course, the essential Himalayan crystal salt pool. If you’re looking for a retreat to help you get in shape, this relaxing camp-like sanctuary in the foothills of a national park may not be the one for you. Instead, it is the perfect destination for integrating some serious overall wellness into your holiday.

Rooms: The retreat boasts six cottages with 16 rooms in total, all of which are set in a semicircle around the front yard. With no TV or Wi-Fi, these may not be most luxurious facilities, but they are equipped with all the basic amenities, including hot water, a comfortable bed and a fan. Rooms with air-con are also on offer, but if you want a real detox you should avoid AC and instead allow your body temperature to adjust naturally.

Location: From Chiang Rai Airport, a thirty-minute drive along bumpy woodland roads will lead you to this hidden gem, which is set amidst jungle, idyllic rice paddies and a glistening lake.

Facilities: Protruding out onto the lake is a jetty with a pavilion—the perfect spot to participate in sunrise yoga and meditation sessions. Other facilities include a spa in which you can enjoy traditional Thai massage and various aromatherapy treatments, plus a fitness center and an indoor salt pool. We love the cozy living room decked out in vintage style, where you can take a break from yoga and watch movies or read a book off the shelves.

The retreat: You can choose from spa, yoga, spiritual or "design your own" retreat packages—all of which are offered year-round. These gain you access to yoga and meditation classes, a personal wellness session, spa treatments and three buffet meals per day.

Rave: In comparison to most other retreats, Museflower presents a very affordable option. Despite these low prices, their attentive, friendly and detail-oriented staff will ensure that you feel right at home here. The small size of the retreat guarantees there will never be too big of a crowd to disturb your downtime, meaning you can focus on staying grounded and connecting with nature as you venture deep into your spiritual side.

Rant: With AC scarce in most areas, the summer months can be unbearably hot, making yoga, meditation, and even functioning challenging at times. For this reason, sticking to the cooler months of Nov-Jan is recommended. 

Dining: All meals are vegetarian with eggs and veggies picked fresh daily from the facility’s organic farm. All the meals we had were impressive—simple but delicious. Although choices are limited and by no means extravagant, there is certainly enough on offer for you to feel fully satisfied.

The price: The four-day/three-night yoga packages start at B5,800/person, which includes a stay at a cottage with two yoga classes daily, holistic therapy sessions and three meals per day, plus access to the facilities. The four-day/three-night spa packages start at B5,800/person, including daily natural Thai spa treatments, a daily wellness class with choices of yoga, boxing or tai chi, and three meals per day.