Fashion designer Wykidd Song travels regularly around the globe, notably the US and Europe, where his loved ones are based as well as for creative inspiration.

What inspires you to travel?
To escape, to relax, to indulge, to learn, to experience, to play, to rest, to romance.

What aspect of traveling do you find the most difficult to do?
Nothing really. The most difficult is maybe trying to figure out the underground railway system but even that can be exciting.

How do you maintain health and fitness when you are away?
When I’m away for business, and if there’s a gym in the hotel, or a pool, I’ll use that, or if it’s a long trip, especially if it’s a temperate climate country, then I’ll bring my running shoes. Best way to know the city is to run around it. However when I’m on holiday, I’m on a break. Exercise comes in the form of play.

What is your most treasured possession you have picked up while traveling?
Making friends from the travels, and staying in touch with them.

Describe your most memorable holiday.
I’ve not been on an extended holiday for sometime now, but back in 2006, I had 3 weeks off and I travelled to Japan, New York then UK. I was by myself but met caught up with dear friends from each city and the moments were priceless. And having the time to discover new places to see, hang out and eat, when I have been to these cities on many previous occasions made the trip even more special.

Which restaurant or bar in which foreign city would you go back to again and again, and why?
There are lots of cafes and restaurants that I keep going back to once I am in that particular city, but one that springs to mind is definitely Café Havana in NYC. Its been around for a long time but the food there is just so special. Its Cuban, very simple but so unique at the same time, very cool people but be warned, there’s always a queue to get seated.

What are the top holiday destinations that you are yet to visit?
Maldives for the clear water and diving, Mongolia to ride horses in the open plains, Arizona for the breathtaking canyons and valleys.

Who is your favorite traveling companion?
My future wife…Don’t know who she is yet..she’s out there, cleaning her climbing equipment maybe.

What is your ideal holiday?
Travelling with someone I love, anywhere.

What is the one item that you never travel without (and we don’t mean your passport or iPhone)?
And we’re talking about a non-business trip, Used to be my Walkman, then my Discman, and then my Ipod, and now, Just my credit cards.

What is your best tip about packing?
Starting from the bottom of the case, shoes, pants, folded shirts and tees. Fold and roll up underwear and slip into the sides, then toiletry bag and if any blazers,3 pull sleeves inside out and place on top, then close case, simple.

What is your best tip about choosing a hotel?
Best reference is from a friend who has stayed there. Nowadays I usually book through The price and proximity to convenient transport is important, after that is the look of the hotel.

What is your best tip about getting to know a new place?
Have a good map and Walk everywhere

What is your best tip about navigating trains, planes and automobiles?
Really basic when sorting out and knowing where and when everything run, study the route and times.

Which place have you visited and never wanted to leave (and why)?
Bali, it’s the most spiritual and serene place I know. The local people are beautiful and sincere and the I can just hang out and just look out at the ocean forever. There’s every type of cuisine and you just get around on your bike. True island living. I think I’ll retire there.

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