The affable musician travels regularly to Vietnam and India for meditation, where he also trawls for second hand clothes and vinyls

What inspires you to travel?

Travel to me is like a leap into the unknown. An experience that breaks the monotony of everyday life.
Traveling totally tickles all my senses and heightens my awareness of varying cultural perspectives
Around every corner is bound to be a surprise.

What are some of your favorite destinations?

Berlin, Barcelona, Mumbai, London, Varanasi, Stockholm, Oslo.

What are your travel essentials?

My passport, everything else I don't really need and I usually end up buying so much in a city that i don't bother bringing much.

Favorite travel tips?

Get lost in a city. One of my favorite things to do in a foreign land is to walk from one street to the next without any specific plan or destination. I try and let my instincts guide me and take me in all kinds of directions. Usually I make more startling discoveries this way as opposed to having a fixed agenda.

What do you miss about Singapore while you are away?
What I miss most are the scents of food; the comfort and familiarity of our Singaporean cuisine always make me homesick.

What aspect of traveling do you find the most difficult to do?

Jet lag and having to waste a couple of days in bed sometimes dampens my mood. I usually try and overcome this by spending more time in the sun to get acclimatized.

How do you maintain health and fitness when you are away?

Yoga, I practice Ashtanga Yoga on a regular basis and when I'm away I always have my magic mat to put a little spring in my step.

What can’t you leave home without?

My yoga mat.

What is your most treasured possession you have picked up while traveling?

Great friendship. I love meeting and speaking to people while traveling.

What has been your most memorable holiday?
In Varanasi, one of India's most holiest cities that sits on the Ganges River. It’s a breathtaking place seeped with so much of history and culture. There is an air of mysticism to the city and its inhabitants.

What is your ideal holiday?

One that involves a good dose of soaking in of a foreign culture, but also the space to unwind and to take it slow.

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