We sit down with the host of Long Krung, a TV series following the adventures of a Canadian expat in and around Bangkok.

What inspires you to travel?
Curiosity in the unknown, and the magical feeling I get when I find something new and undiscovered!

What are some of your favourite destinations?
Northeastern Thailand for sure - as well as quiet corners of Chiang Rai and Nan. I also love Vietnam and Laos, as well as northern England.

What are your travel essentials?
A laptop and my Canon camera - as well as a good pair of jogging shoes. You can learn and see a lot in a new destination by going for a run through it.

Favourite travel tips?
Bring multiple plastic bags to easily organize clothes - and keep wet things separate. Also I always try to get into the local music scene of wherever I'm going. It becomes the soundtrack of the adventure.

What do you miss about Bangkok while you are away?
The international scene and of course the amazing street food!

What aspect of traveling do you find the most difficult to do?
Packing and unpacking. I hate it and it never gets easier!

How do you maintain health and fitness when you are away?
First thing I do in any new city is survey my surroundings with a long jog. This also helps me get oriented. Also I try to find hotels with a good fitness room, and if not i try to include something active in my sight-seeing, like hiking or cycling.

What can’t you leave home without?
An iPhone!

What is your most treasured possession you have picked up while traveling?
Oddly I don't keep many. Just great memories which maintain far more value.

What has been your most memorable holiday?
I was 18 years old and backpacked around Europe--mostly solo. The location was amazing of course, but stepping into a different world so young was an adventure in itself.

What is the best restaurant, café, bar that you have visited while traveling?
The old TeePee Bar in groovy Chiang Khong, Chiang Rai.

What are the top holiday destinations that you are yet to visit?
Bali, Bhutan and Myanmar.

Who is your favourite traveling companion?
The duo of my sister and brother-in-law. We have the most fantastic fun traveling together!

What is your ideal holiday?
Lots of activity and fitness mixed with spectacular sights. Actually Smiling Albino's active trips in Chiang Rai and the motorcycle trips in Isaan are the perfect mix of adventure and comfort.