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The Samsung S5 is headed to Thailand. We know when and we know how much.
Less than a year after the beloved Samsung 4s launched, Samsung just unveiled its latest baby in the Galaxy family, the highly anticipated Samsung S5.
Forget the Samsung S5, this awesome new smartphone costs 4,350 baht and has it all
Your next mobile phone might well be neither an iPhone nor a Samsung Galaxy S5 (Although it’s pretty nifty). Hint: it's a Chinese brand. 
Finally, Transport Minister Chadchart Sittipunt gets his own video game series
Chadchart turned into a massively viral meme when a picture was shared of him going to his local temple barefoot, in shorts and a sleeveless T, holding a plastic bag with some food for the monks. He...
นกหวีด by Lab to real, นกหวีด by Aphinop Supawaree
Thailand's 6 Best (Well Worst, Actually) Whistle Apps for your Smartphone
Jealous with Flappy Bird's success (and everyone who is sobbing today about its demise), we went looking for great Made in Thailand apps. What we found: six locally-engineered apps that harness...
Nokia 1520 Phablet Review
The Nokia 1520 phablet (something that sits between a smartphone and a tablet) is now available in Thailand, retailing for B22,900. Can it genuinely rival the Samsung Note 3? Here are our thoughts:
Right By Your Side: Ananda Everingham on the Huawei Mate 8
The superstar actor, film producer, businessman and all-round nice guy explains why the Huawei Mate 8 is a social luminary’s best friend. Brought to you by Huawei
The Bedol Water Clock
Microsoft Introduces