Get on the Windows 8 bandwagon with these convertible laptops.

Lenka’s “Everything at Once” may be annoying as the soundtrack of the Windows 8 TVC, but you’ve got to admit it’s apt. Microsoft’s most exciting development yet not only offers speedy startup time, a dreamy software backup feature and a dynamic desktop interface that rivals Android, it’s also brought on these genius hybrids that do the jobs of both a laptop and a tablet better than each can do on its own.

HP Envy x2   

11.6” LED-backlit IPS display | 1.4kg | Up to 64GB SSD hard drive storage | Intel Atom 1.80GHz processor | Windows 8
At 2cm thick when attached, this tablet-keyboard combo isn’t the most portable around, but its sleek build and NFC technology score it points. Switching from laptop to tablet is quick as a snap: just slide the magnetic latch on the keyboard dock and you’re set. The battery, which supposedly lasts 14 hours, drains from the keyboard portion first before touching the slate.

$1,099 from Best Denki

Samsung ATIV Smart PC

11.6” PLS display | 878g without keyboard | 128GB SSD hard drive storage | Intel Core i5 processor | Windows 8

Just when we thought there was truly no match for the iPad, along comes a contender. Similar to the ASUS Transformer (another convertible laptop not yet available here), the ATIV is a handheld PC that still weighs close to nothing when the clamshell keyboard is hinged to it. There’s no retina display but if you belong to the mobile office camp, you’ll love it—it runs really smoothly and stays cool despite constant use.

$1,149-1,299 not including keyboard ($189) from Newstead

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13  

13.3” IPS display | 1.54kg | 128GB SSD hard drive storage | Intel Core i7 processor | Windows 8

While a little too wide to be the most portable tablet around, the Yoga 13 makes a fine laptop. It’s relatively small and light, has a knock-resistant rubberized chassis, and smoothly converts to a tent (for when you want to watch the news while scoffing down your breakfast). Lucky for us, the make with the fastest processor is available in Singapore.

$1,899 from Newstead


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