Here are five super-useful apps to make your life in Shanghai easier. (For non-Apple devotees, we promise to round up the top five for Android and Blackberry soon.)

1. ExploreMetro (£1.19)

This fantastic metro map with inbuilt streetmap functionalities and train timetables is the simplest and most useful out there.

2. Sina Weibo (free)

If you can't get onto Twitter but want to share your micro-thoughts with the world, sign up for a Weibo account. Mandarin not up to much? Just post in English. Hey, if it's good enough for Diane von Furstenburg... Check here for people to follow.

3. Nciku (£4.99)

The app version of the popular online Mandarin dictionary is worth shelling out for, as it saves you wasting data credit when you're out and about. Various add-ons like short stories and poetry are fun too.

4. Pleco (free)

Another great Mandarin learning tool, this multi-functional dictionary's add-ons include a character detector: you take a photo of a Chinese character, and it tells you what it is. 

5. ChinesePod (free)

Finding learning Mandarin a bit of a grind? Don't know where to start? Get this app, pay for the subscription of your choice online, and get downloading. The Shanghainese add-on will add a new dimension to your elevator rides.