Launched just last month, Loft Eyes is Bangkok’s latest multi-brand fashion and lifestyle store that puts an emphasis on timeless and creative designs. 
The products are mostly taken from online shops such as the wearable art pieces from Ciclo, the selection of Vacilando Bookshop’s reads, eco-friendly slip-ons from Brave Shoes, and one of a kind jewelry from Wodd Bangkok—with prices ranging from B1,000-7,500.
A little bit further down from Marche Thonglor is the road less traveled—Soi 4. Only true Thonglor natives know about the hidden gems in this cul de sac, whether it's our brand new Acai obsession at Soft Spot Acai or the cozy City Boy Coffee. Loft Eyes is just the latest addition.
Loft Eyes, a loose homonym of “offline,” is perched on the second floor of Kaulin Building. Because the space used to be an old factory, the owners try to preserve as much of the retro and homey grit as possible. 
The spacious loft opens up to a showroom by co-owner and architect Jitivi “Pai” Banthaisong. Under the eponymous interior studio label “Jitivi,” his subtle gimmicky yet functional furniture is the first thing you’re greeted with at Loft Eyes. Chidchanok “Mim” Sujinpruhm is the other half of the management team, who also owns the fashion label BeHers.
Here, she uses her keen eye and nearly 10 years of skin in the game to curate a gamut of high quality brands with a unique storytelling. There are rows and rows of online clothes, broken up by shelves of accessories and jewelry. However, you won’t be overwhelmed with options because there’s a method to the madness. 
Some racks are divided by brands, others are a mishmash of labels with the same aesthetic and color scheme. A changing room is available to don your online wishlist IRL.
As a plus, some of the items are exclusively unveiled here first. So you get dibs on new digs. 
With wooden framed windows overlooking some relaxing greenery outside – a rare sight in the downtown zone – Loft Eyes is looking to host some events and workshops in the near future.
Hopefully, becoming another wholesome community space in Thong lor. Stay tuned for their latest update here.
140, 2F, Kaolin Building, Thong Lo 4 Alley ,0825499592, Open Wed-Mon10 am–7 pm.