Soft Spot, the recently opened acai cafe in Thonglor, has turned into a hotspot barely within a week of its launch. It started with a pair of sisters who share an obsession with acai, and, having sampled the goodies from abroad, they thought it was time to introduce this superfood to Thailand in a big way.
Their love for acai translates to the use of pure brazilian acai berries. No other fruits or sugar has been added, meaning the texture is super light and refreshing. There are three base options: 100% pure acai, tropical, and cacao acai which lean towards chocolate-y notes. 
To build some more flavor, you can opt for their range of homemade butter drizzle mixed with various nuts. Within minutes, the liquid sauce semi-sets—reminiscent of biting into a thin layer of milk chocolate. The granola base itself is also entirely plantbased, making it a go-to after lunch snack for the health conscious crowd.
We recommend ordering their current seasonal menu, a swirl of biscoff flavored froyo combined with their acai. This gives it a slightly heavier base while the cookie crumble adds some caramel flavor. 
You can pop in for a quick to-go cup or lounge around in their spacious outdoor or cozy indoor area. The terracotta walls and garden chairs give off sunny terrace house vibes.  

Room 103 Floor 1, Kaulin Building, Thong Lor 4, 096 220 0093, Open daily 9am-8