Here’s an exciting new player in the coffee delivery game: hip Singapore coffee chain Sarnies has launched a coffee delivery service that will send their freshly-roasted beans to your doorstep. 

The coffee house sells single-origin and house blended coffee beans sourced from local farms, as well as imported ones from Brazil, all served in sleek packaging. Take your pick from their selection of specialty blends, including the Tiramisu Blend (B299/250g), which boasts dark and rich flavors similar to a classic Italian roast—think syrupy mouthfeel and smoky overtones—the Chocolate For Days Blend (B299/250g) for cups bursting with chocolatey notes and fruity undertones, and the Smooth Criminal Blend (B339/250g), which shines with toasted nuts and fruity notes, making it ideal for black or creamy milk-based espresso drinks.

For single-origins, you can choose between the fully-washed Sinthop beans from Chiang Rai (B339/250g), which boasts sweet notes of jasmine and plum, or the Samba from Fazenda Da Lagoa, Brazil, (B389/250g) for a hint of sweetness and macadamia notes.

In addition, you can indicate how you usually prepare your coffee from their list of options, from filter and French Press to Aeropress and Stove Top. 

And, soon, they’ll be releasing one-liter growlers, filled with cold brew coffee made from carefully selected beans that have been brewed for over 10 hours.

Orders take about two to three working days to arrive. For more information, visit their website.