Bangkok-based architect and designer Florian Gypser teams up with Li Murphy, Daniel Katanneck and Awais Hussain to create these high-quality, minimally designed leather belts.

The Baelts project kicked off around the end of last year, when they got the design for a buckle-free belt off the ground selling at pop-up markets and at Gypser’s Chinatown shop where you can get bespoke details embossed on the spot.

Each of the eye-catching, vegetable-tanned belts is made from full-grain water buffalo leather with silver studs to keep things in check.

Now the project is on Kickstarter, too—visit or for the story and to invest in the business’s future. To visit the workshop, call 085-904-6996.

The basic belt (without embossing) starts at around B1,500.