It’s no myth that happy chickens lay happy eggs—just one look at a bright orange yolk makes those sad yellow caged numbers pale in comparison . Yet with terms only loosely defined, not all “organic” eggs are created equal. We’ve put six hormone- and antibiotic-free eggs to the test to see if we can taste the difference.

All eggs were of a similar size, boiled for six minutes and tasted blind. 

My Choice Thai Winner!


Who: Claiming to be the first “fully organic certified free-range eggs in Thailand,” these eggs from the Central Food Retail Company guarantee that they are hormone-, antibiotic- and chlorophyll red-free and boast DLD Organic Thailand Certification. The brand pushes a big range of OTOP products in support of local communities and can be found in Tops Markets and Central Food Halls.
Verdict: The yolk is extra-creamy and it has just a faint aroma and a clean taste.
Price: B87 (pack of 10 eggs)


N&P Organic Runner up!


Who: The carton ambiguously reads: “I may not run 10k, but I walk and run every day.” Apparently, that means the hens are raised in a spacious barn and fed with only organic grains, grown without using pesticides or herbicides. They promise the eggs are free of antibiotics, growth hormones and artificial colorings. The packaging is made from plants and said to be 100-per- cent compostable.
Verdict: With its light yellow yolk, we were dubious at first. However, it fully redeems itself on the texture front: the yolk boasts a smooth consistency, while the white is soft and squishy.
Price: B89 (pack of 10 eggs)


Doctor Henn


Who: This brand claims to raise its chickens cage-free and fed with only natural ingredients. The resulting eggs are antibiotic- and chlorophyll red-free and are guaranteed to be delivered to stores within 48 hours of being- ing laid.

Verdict: With a nice eggy flavor that’s not overpowering, this one is very easy to eat. Its yolk is deliciously creamy and smooth, with a soft and tender white.

Price: B55 (pack of six eggs)


Happy Hens By Hilltribe Organics


Who: Founded by American expat Richard Blossom, Hilltribe Organics works with hill tribes in northern Thailand. They claim that their chickens are raised free from hormones and antibiotics and are allowed to roam free. The brand is DLD Organic Thailand certified.

Verdict: This egg, by far, has the funkiest smell of all, and even worse, the yolk feels sticky and dry, while the white is coarse and crumbly texture. The taste is slightly sweet.

Price: B81 (pack of 10 eggs)


S-pure by Betagro


Who: This company guarantees freshness through its temperature-controlled cold chain supply process. Their chickens are raised without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones and their eggs are NSF-certified.

Verdict: With a beautiful dark orange color, a satisfying rich and creamy texture and a nice hint of sweetness, this egg’s yolk is a winner. Unfortunately, it’s let down by a rubbery white.

Price: B75 (pack of 10 eggs)


Akara Yikes!


Who: With the slogan “Feel the Nature,” this company claims to raise its hens out-doors on sweet corn and organic vegetables, free from hormones and antibiotics.

Verdict: With its dry, rubbery white and its gummy yolk, this egg is quite hard to swallow. It tastes very bland and has an unpleasant smell.

Price: B89 (pack of 10 eggs)

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