Frankly, none of these will disappoint. 

A good sourdough comes with a moist, chewy interior and a crispy, well-defined crust—not to mention a moreish tangy flavor unlike any other bread on the market. Its distinctive taste is a result of the “sourdough culture”: a fermented flour mixture containing natural yeast and bacteria along with lactic acid. We’ve blind taste tested some of Bangkok’s top sourdough suppliers and, frankly, none have disappointed. Nevertheless, here’s the verdict.



Landhaus Bakery BK Pick!


This is basically a spongy version of rich Danish rye-bread. Dense in both texture and flavor, this bread is made to be teared from the loaf and eaten with lashings of butter and a mug of tea. In terms of aesthetics, it doesn’t represent your stereotypical sourdough—more of a homespun loaf your mom or grandma might make.
Verdict: Hefty hippie bread with powerful flavor.
18 Phahon Yothin Soi 5, 086-889-9210.


Amantee The Bakery


The cracked look of this loaf hints at a perfect crispy crust from the get go, while its malty aroma has our mouths watering. The ultra spongy interior is soft and moist without any large holes. Although it has a subtle sourness, it lacks chewiness. Definitely great on its own, but even better with soft creamy butter or jam.
Verdict: Diggin’ it... not complaining.
2240/12-13 Chan Kao Rd., 02-678-1300.


Holey Artisan Bakery Sandwich Pick!


If you love sourdough, but secretly fear the sourness, this is the bread for you. It’s got a mild flavor with just a subtle tang. The crust is slightly overdone with a very chewy, elastic and moist interior—a combination that makes it a great sandwich bread for piling high with fillings.
Verdict: Take control of your toppings with this crusty bread.
245/12 Sukhumvit Soi 31, 02-101-1427. 


Conkey’s Bakery


With a baguette-like texture, this bread is light, moist and fluffy yet still chewy. It gives off a mild flavor at first, with a pleasant tanginess sneaking in at the end of each bite.
Verdict: Your true daily bread.
72 Ekamai Soi 22, 083-040-5911.


Maison Jean Philippe


This French-country-style loaf is highly versatile with its subtle flavor, great texture and nicely defined crust. Whether you want to dip it in fondue or make sandwiches, its subtle taste won’t interfere with anything you choose to pair it with.
Verdict: An all-purpose bread.