The pandemic: bad. Opportunities the pandemic has provided: not all bad. Take, for instance, having people over to your place more often. Whether you’re inviting a bunch of friends over or trying to impress your date but the best dish you know how to cook is instant ramen, your go-to will always be pizza. But who delivers the best in this city? We threw our own pizza party to find out.
              Credit: Soho Pizza


The brand: The New York-style pizza chain born on Soi 11 has spread its saucy tentacles citywide, with a new branch opening soon in Thonglor.
The pizza: Cheese (B260/12in.)
The taste: At a glance, the crust looks great: lofty, bubbly, perfectly charred. When we bite into it, we’re pleased to report that the taste lives up the appearance. They’re not skimping on ingredients, either. There’s pungent, sharp Parmesan—possibly too sharp, if you ask some of our tasters— delightfully chewy dough, and awesome, homemade-tasting tomato sauce.
Good for: Convincing your friends that you have taste.
            Credit: Pizza Massilia

Pizza Massilia RUNNER UP!

The brand: Co-founded by Luka Appino of La Bottega di Luca, this former food truck now boasts a couple of brick-and-mortar locations, serving—and delivering—Marseille-style pizza.
The pizza: Margherita (B290)
The taste: A lovely char on the crust, avorful but not overpowering cheese, and a good toppings-to-sauce ratio produces one delicious bite. The dough is chewy, the basil on top fresh, the sauce impeccable. The only drawback is this is basically a personal pan pizza, it’s so small.
Good for: Wine-fueled dinner dates.
               Credit: Gallery Pizza

Gallery Pizza

The brand: The pizza powerhouse launched out of Sathorn 11 Art Space now has a location in Ekkamai and delivers citywide until 4am. You can’t beat the perennial two-for-B499 deal, either.
The pizza: Margherita (B265)
The taste: There isn’t much rise in the dough, which leaves us feeling flat, too. Everything else, however, is pretty solid. The sauce is nice, the toppings are fine, the crust tastes alright. One very clear selling point here: this is the biggest pizza of the bunch.
Good for: Sobering up deliciously at 3am.
                  Credit: Pizza Mania

Pizza Mania

The brand: Asoke’s delivery-only pioneer boasts a rabidly loyal fanbase. The brand largely deals in New York-style pizzas, but it occasionally dabbles in Detroit-style pizzas, too.
The pizza: Margherita (B315)
The taste: This is not a working-class pizza. It’s beautifully decorated with lots of fresh basil and whole slices of tomato. Then again, as one taster said, “You don’t want healthy on delivery pizza.” But you do want flavor, and that’s where the bland sauce leaves us crying out for more.
Good for: The upper middle-class.
                 Credit: Urban Pizza

Urban Pizza

The brand: This new, delivery-only player on the pizza scene popped up during the pandemic and appears to be operated by the Pizza Company.
The pizza: Pizza Margarita (B369/medium)
The taste: The cheese is more earthy brown than golden, leading us to wonder if it’s been over-cooked. The dense, floury crust suggests otherwise. It definitely doesn’t look appetizing, but the flavor is alright, if you don’t mind the cloying, oregano-heavy sauce. One taster declared: “It tastes like being drunk at a party.”
Good for: Binge-eating with lots of beer.
            Credit: The Pizza Company

The Pizza Company

The brand: Gracing our city since 1981, the Pizza Company comes from billionaire Bill Heinecke’s Minor International conglomerate.
The pizza: Double cheese pan pizza (B319)
The taste: The dough is as puffy as a Northface jacket, but it tastes deep-fried, and its saltiness recalls class parties in elementary school. So there’s no nuance, but there is nostalgia. Cheesy, greasy, shame-inducing: honestly, you know what you’re getting yourself into when you place your order.
Good for: 5-year-olds.
                      Credit: Scoozi

Scoozi YIKES!

The brand: The fine dining restaurant born in Bangkok in 1997 is now a burgeoning chain with its own four-digit delivery number, 1227.
The pizza: Margherita (B250)
The taste: This pancake-flat pizza is loaded with basil, but an abundance of herbs only goes so far in masking its cardboard-like blandness. In fact, the basil is the only part of this pizza with any flavor. Not to damn with faint praise or anything, but it tastes worse than it looks.
Good for: Pizza emergencies.

BK’s Taste Tests are conducted blind by a panel and are intended as entertainment, not rigorous scientific analysis.

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