Call us basic, but we’d take chocolate ice cream over all those fancy flavors any day. But when the craving calls, who makes it best? We put six well-known brands—international and local—to the test.


Guss Damn Good WINNER!

The brand: Bangkok-born, Boston-inspired craft ice cream company.
Flavor: Here’s Your Damn Chocolate Ice Cream (B107)
The taste: It really lives up to its name, with the most promising dark color, smooth texture, a touch of bitterness and thin shaved chocolate. You’ll never go back to those big-name brands ever again.
Verdict: Damn good.
1/3-9 Sala Daeng Soi 1, 098-863-4363. Eight other branches across Bangkok. Delivery available via Line @gussdamngood, Grab, FoodPanda, Lineman and Get


Sugar Plump! RUNNER UP!

The brand: Sathorn’s cotton candy-colored ice cream parlor.
Flavor: Holy Choc! (B65)
The taste: Despite its dull appearance, this cup of ice cream does not disappoint. With its thick and dense consistency and rich French chocolate taste, it’s simply délicieux!
Verdict: Forget appearances.
155/3 Sathorn Soi 7, 084-468-6667. Delivery available via Line (@sugarplump), Grab, Lineman and Get


Cold Stone Creamery

The brand: Arizona-headquartered ice cream parlor chain with over 1,000 outlets worldwide. 
Flavor: Chocolate Devotion (B129)
The taste: The chewy chunks of brownie are truly satisfying, but we’re distracted by the chocolate chips—there are so many we could make a small batch of cookies out of them. Also, the ice cream could be a bit milkier.
Verdict: Chips in.
CentralWorld, 4 Rama I Rd. Five other branches across Bangkok. Delivery available via Foodpanda and Facebook Messenger



The brand: Actually from Brooklyn, the brand name is just an homage to Denmark’s good deeds during World War II.
Flavor: Belgian Chocolate (B109)
The taste: It has a rich, velvety texture with a speck of shaved Belgian chocolate, then the taste of coconut oil catches us off guard. We’d say if you’re a coconut fan, go for it.
Verdict: Go coconuts.
Siam Paragon, 991 Rama I Rd., 063-203-8280. Various other outlets across Bangkok. Delivery available via Foodpanda


Ben & Jerry’s

The brand: Born in Vermont, USA, this notorious store-bought ice cream brand is no stranger to controversy and is now owned by British-Dutch conglomerate Unilever. 
Flavor: Chocolate Fudge Brownie (B119)
The taste: Unlike Cold Stone, the brownies here are grainy, too crumbly and glue to the roof of your mouth. The ice cream is on the sugary side and tastes like Nesquik.
Verdict: Lower the bar.
Available at most major supermarkets



The brand: Thai-bred ice cream brand, owned by none other than Thai conglomerate Charoen Pokphand Group.
Flavor: Chocolate Almond (B55)
The taste: It contains so many chopped almonds that we can’t really taste anything else.
Verdict: Look for an alternutive.
Available at most major supermarkets

BK’s Taste Tests are conducted blind by a panel and are intended as entertainment, not rigorous scientific analysis.

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