Ruay Mitr is one of those pandemic projects that stood the test of time. Bringing the glammed up street stall porridge from Sathorn to Ekkamai, the new shop leans into their cocktail and party vibes. 
Like Lisa’s recent Rock Star music video, you’ll catch fusion of contemporary Thai, western, and East Asian culture culminating in an international look.
“It's like a friend’s house party, if that friend has a passion for music, collectible items, and plants,” owner Tatchai Nakapan says.
There’s a palpable shift in energy in the three storey building from brunch to the late hours. Take advantage of the natural sunlight during the AM and dine in their glass house zone. At sundown, join the common dining area decked out with neon lights and a fully furnished counter bar which comes alive at night. You can also book a private sesh on the third floor.
Their selling point is obviously the free flow porridge (B35), but the side dishes are important. 
Frequenters of the Sathorn branch will be familiar with the Hong Kong-style Peng You Fried Beef (B490). Using a Chinese firing style, the thinly sliced tenderloin is cooked in high heat and drenched in a secret Japanese sauce. It’s soft and juicy but still has some fat for you to chew.
Tatchai recommends pairing this dish with their spirit forward Hong Kong Old Fashioned cocktail which shares key ingredients like chili and sesame oil. This one is more for the dry martini lovers and those into savory cocktails.
The Urak Lawoi prawn sashimi (B260) is shipped straight from Lantau fishermen. It pairs the bouncy fresh sweetness of the meat with finely chopped chili to bring a bit of heat.
Still need more for the table? Try their new creamy omelet with bits of bouncy diced prawns and hot chili paste or opt for the ever so reliable crispy wok fried pork (B260) which brings sweet and salty note with a spiciness that lingers on the tongue.
If you’re more of a hotpot kind of person, then check out their minced pork soup (B290). Traditionally boiled with Chinese plum, Ruay Mitr swaps it for Japanese ume, lending a toned down, silkier profile. Here, you can also throw in some instant noodles (B30) to complete the street food vibes. 
26 Sukhumvit 61, 065 964 4239, Open Mon-Fri 5pm-12am; Sat-Sun 11am-12am.