Photographer “Non,” who goes by the name Super Very Snapshot, has launched his own “super” kingdom in Udom Suk. Called Super Nice Land, the project serves refreshments, cakes, and curated lifestyle items. 
The cafe is set just above a garage sale-eque shop with selected home and furniture pieces done by the Smile Club team who were previously known for their stylish hair salon.
“I’m a photographer, so when I found this place, I was really pleased with the lighting,” Non tells BK. He teases that in the near future, part of the cafe will be turned into a stylish studio to snap some official pics.
Indeed, the plain white walls with large window panes make a great canvas to lay down eye-catching knick knacks sprawled across the store. You’ll catch first and second hand clothes, homeware, and record labels both from Thailand and abroad. 
Non’s streetwear brand S.V.S.S. can be found here, alongside other Thai fashion labels like the popular swimwear Water and Others and studded headbands from Not for Everyone.
Keeping things simple for coffee, they opt for a single “Chocolate Sauce” blend from the famous Sauce Coffee Roaster. The notes lend a mixture of almond, cacao, and toffee. 
The Super Nice Coffee (B150) nails photogenic points with its sunset hue. It comes with the zestiness of a standard orange coffee but lightened with some soda and sweetened with a single slice of lemon marinated in homemade sugar cane syrup.
The Americano Apple Cinnamon (B120) is also a must try if you’re into a drinkable version of an apple pie. 
The drinks here are designed to taste similar to mocktails, and non-coffee drinkers can request to swap coffee for soda or opt for their green tea selection. We suggest the medium blend Matcha Latte (B150), plus B10 if you want to change from regular to oat milk. 
Snacks wise, the Mocha Brownie (B150) is a multi texture slice of cake that alternates between creamy, spongy, and moosey with each layer. The caramelized almond bits on top bring a crispy, warm sweetness to the mix. 
There might be a little traffic during rush hour, but if you’re looking for a new community space, just a little bit on the outskirts of town, Super Nice Land is a new space for the fashion forward shoppers and coffee lovers of Udom Suk.
39 51 Udomsuk Soi 7,062 629 6542, Open Tues-Sun 10am-7pm