If you’re fans of ramen wizard Shin Inoue’s creations, here's some good news: You can finally forgo all the booking fuss to sample his bowl of ramen noodles at his Thonglor ramen spin-off The Shoyu Stand
Opened last month, this spot specializes in shoyu ramen, a crowd pleaser for both noodle novices and ramen experts. Order his Cappuccino Noodles (B280), which features the frothy awa-kei (bubble), filling the broth with rich, creamy truffle taste. When combined with the added toppings (B70)—soft-boiled egg, chashu pork, and bamboo shoots—it’s full of Japanese umami and well-balanced flavors. 
Shin Inoue, formerly of Rockman Thonglor, is also the mind behind the hard-to-book No Name Noodle, one of Bangkok’s biggest ramen crazes in years.
Recently announced via its Instagram account, you can now walk in without prior bookings, which will be available from 11am-12.30pm each day. But those who wish to reserve a spot, you can still book it via 096-9120-7796.
2/F J Avenue Thonglo 323 Thonglor Soi 15, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana