The photos of the new space from Go Cafe Pai Reuai have more than 1,600 likes on Facebook in two days. It already has a Reddit thread with more than 250 upvotes and 133 comments, and it just opened. That’s pretty interesting news for a newly opened coffee shop, but it’s not for their beans. 
Cum, found outside the new Truth or Dare in Thonglor, is a small coffee stall inside a beverages-cum-coworking space. Understandably, it has driven a good deal of immature humor this week. 
The new coffee outlet on Thonglor 10 is indeed named Cum, but it is not a coffee shop; it is one of three stalls—including the yet-to-be-opened Juicies and Popies—by the newly renovated Truth or Dare interior. 
Not to rain on any puerile parades, but the name is stylized as “Cüm,” meaning it would be pronounced “coohm.” The “u” in the logo features two “x” letters acting as an umlaut, and on social media, the coffee stall responds, “Thanks for cüming.” As to what “Cüm” refers, it’s uncertain at this time, but it could refer to "ขำ," meaning funny. 
As this is only of note to English speakers, Cum’s ulterior meaning will be lost on most of its patrons. But this hasn’t stopped the internet from having a grand old time. 
Bangkok F&B is no stranger to tongue-in-cheek names—having a Chitbeer at the Chit Hole comes to mind—and they’re not worried about getting a little kinky, as in the porny menu for Playroom. But, for the moment, the name Cum seems to be unrelated to the venue. 
The space offers signature and classic coffees, and patrons can choose between dark Brazil santos, medium Brazil cerrado, and a light seasonal blend. Special blends are available for an additional B50. Cum also offers juices (B130) and a selection of teas and chocolates. The stall is adjacent to a large sit down and coworking space that faces the back of Truth or Dare, which also has a Langsuan location, and there is ample though largely unshaded outdoor seating.