Booking is now open for BK Brunch Club—BK Magazine’s new dining series devoted to next-level weekend feasts. For five consecutive weekends starting Jun 15, we partner with over 20 of the city’s lightest, brightest, most daytime-friendly dining spots to roll out sensational sharing menus of the finest produce.

 We’re talking at least four courses at every restaurant, most or all of them served family-style just for your table, with menus starting from just B1,000 per person.

Some of these names don’t normally do brunch or even lunch, and this is their opportunity to create special dishes—and for you to sample them.




The Place: 2019 saw Charoenkrung’s hipster hangout go upscale: kitchen bar seats, tasting menu, wine pairing and craft cocktails. Fermentation remains at the heart of chef Napol Jantraget’s nine-course menu, whether it’s a sinfully crisp slice of pork belly topped with infused mushroom and served with a fermented chili sauce or a tangy coconut cream with smoked goby fish. Desserts by Japanese pastry chef Saki Hoshino forgo sweetness in favor of sublimely challenging new flavors.

Price: 1,500++/ person

Date: 15-16, 23, 30 Jun / 7,14 Jul

See the full menu here!


Babette’s The Steakhouse


The Place: Amid Art Deco-referencing decor, Babette’s brings together some of the finest meats from Australia, Japan and America cooked in a French style with various sauces to match. Apart from its steaks, the menu also comprises a variety of pan-seared seafood, New World wines, Champagne and classic cocktails. Book in advance for the seat with views.

The event: Hotel Muse BK Brunch Club Menu 

Price: 1,400++/diner

Date: 16,23,30 Jun / 7,13 Jul

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The Place: This modern two-story wood house with backyard views is the brainchild of two Indian chefs, Deepanker Khosla and Tarun Bhatia, who are both zealots for the farm-to-table and zero-waste approach. The humble tomato is elevated in high-wire dishes like the Tomato Mist with whey, Indian barrage, blueberry and celery, though meat-lovers will take comfort in the wagyu short ribs, assisted by glazed eel, smoked eggplant, black garlic, raw mushrooms and buckwheat foam.

Price: B1,199++/Person

Date:  15-16, 22-23, 29-30 Jun / 6 Jul

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La Bottega Di Luca


The Place: Sardinia-born head chef Andrea Ortu ensures a menu that brims with serious D.O.P. produce scoured from the lengths of Italy—a rich Sicilian pistachio paste to cut through a plate of Brittany lobster and clam gnocchi, a Pecorino cheese foam atop unctuous lamb fragola, and classics like founder Luca Appino's black truffle cheese risotto. The classy dining room is primed for special occasions, while the dark wooden balcony offers a more relaxed vibe.

Price: B1,000++/Person

Date: 15-16, 22-23, 29-30 Jun / 6 Jul

See the full menu here! 


La Casa Nostra


The Place: Come the cooler months, diners flock to the cozy outdoor terrace for the pick of the bottles from the wine cellar and chef Nino Scognamillo’s rustic-yet-refined Italian cuisine. Juicy grilled meats are joined on the menu by “nonna-style” gnocchi and premium produce like Cantabrian anchovies.

The event: La Casa Nostra Brunch Club Sharing Menu

Price: B1,500++/Person

Date: 15-16, 22-23, 29-30 Jun / 6 Jul

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The Place: This welcoming Sathorn back-street institution makes the most of its incredible produce. Aside from a la carte, chef Stefano Merlo’s tasting menus offer a fun, interactive version of Italian fine dining, pairing dainty creations like a burratta-stuffed tomato caprese salad with heftier meat and pasta plates, including darnnear the best lasagna you’re likely to find.

Price: B1,200++/Person

Date: 16, 22-23, 29-30 Jun / 6-7 Jul

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