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Orange juice—sweet, delicious and full of vitamin C—is there a better way to start the day? Well, sometimes, yes. It’s time to weed out those synthetic tasting, sweetener-packed varieties. We’ve ranked seven popular supermarket offerings from best to worst.

1. Chabaa

(100% Valencia)
The brand: You may recognize this OJ from early morning flights on Thai Airways, but Chabaa (established in 2000) is also a supermarket standard. The International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi), recognized it with an award for “superior taste” in 2017. 
The taste: And rightly so. This tops all the contenders on this list with its perfect balance of sweet-yet-sour natural juice and pulp. 
The price: B62 (1ltr)

2. Tipco

(100% Sai Nam Phueng with Pulp)
The brand: With 40 years of experience in 40 countries, Tipco is one of the world’s top juice makers, and probably the most recognizable Thai brand on this list. 
The taste: With its sweet taste, inviting aroma and natural flavor, this could make us rethink waking up to coffee in the morning. If it had more pulp, it might have been no.1. 
The price: B69 (1ltr)

3. Harvey Fresh

(99% Orange Juice Concentrate) 
The brand: This Australian company is best known for milk, but it actually started off selling fresh-squeezed premium orange juice.
The taste: A rollercoaster journey, from sour to refreshingly sweet, with a nice orangey smell.
The price: B93 (1ltr)

4. SunFresh

(44% Orange Juice Concentrate)
The brand: This Singapore-based juice specialist has expanded its influence throughout the Asia Pacific region since its inception in 1982. 
The taste: First off, this juice looks and smells bland. Any sweetness is overshadowed by an overwhelming sourness, and its texture is more rough than smooth. 
The price: B89 (1ltr)

5. MinuteMaid

(20% Orange Juice Concentrate with Pulp)
The brand: Bought by the Coca-Cola Company in 1960, this fruit juice brand is backed by a steady stream of ads and pizzazz.   
The taste: Despite the natural pulp, this unnaturally orange sugar bomb tastes like it’s pumped full of sweeteners—addictive sure, but one-dimensional and lacking tang. 
The price: B16 (335ml)

6. UFC

(100% Orange Juice Concentrate with Pulp)
The brand: The 50-year-old Universal Food Public Company is one of Thailand’s largest produce companies, offering a wide range of Thai-grown fruits and vegetables to the world market.
The taste: Watery, sour and unsatisfying, this harsh juice almost tastes like cold medicine. The artificial color alone is unappetizing. 
The price: B62 (1ltr)

7. Malee

(100% Sai Nam Phueng with Pulp) 
The brand: Produced with sustainable practices using northern Thai fruit, this 40-year-old brand is a winner on paper. 
The taste: Unfortunately, it was a unanimous “yuck.” It claims to be 100-percent juice, but it feels heavily watered down; yet the flavor is still strong, in all the wrong ways—like overripe oranges and fermented liqueur. 
The price: B69 (1ltr)

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