We blind taste test the local brands and international big-names.

Almond milk is more than just a dairy alternative. Buoyed by Thailand’s growing health-conscious movement, more local brands are joining international big-names in creating this creamy, nutty milk using their own different ingredient combinations. Here, we put the most commonly available almond milks to a blind taste test. 


137 Degrees (B25/180ml.) BK Pick!

Ingredients: Almond milk from whole almonds (94%), sunflower seeds (5%), organic coconut nectar (1%)
Made in: Thailand
Nice and thick with the most almond-y flavor of all, this full-bodied milk tastes exactly like it’s supposed to. Each gulp comes with the aroma and taste of roasted nuts with just the slightest of burnt notes. 
Verdict: A nutty hit.

Blue Diamond (B250/986ml.) Yuck!

Ingredients: Almond milk (96.6%), raw cane sugar (2.7%), calcium carbonate (0.3%), salt (0.1%)
Made in: USA
Despite tasting of artificial vanilla, this remains the blandest of the contenders. Not only that, the milk also has an off-putting musty smell. 
Verdict: Plain Jane.

Hooray! (B29/200ml.) 

Ingredients: Organic hazelnut milk (62.84%), organic almond milk (31.93%), organic unbleached sugar (3%), rice cream (2%) 
Made in: Thailand
Quite watery in texture, the milk packs a strong hazelnut aroma and flavor, though there’s barely a trace of almond.  
Verdict: Very nutty, but not almond milk.

Malee (B24/180ml.) 

Ingredients: Almond milk (93%), organic coconut nectar (4.5%), sunflower paste (2%)
Made in: Thailand
Tastes very much like soy milk with only a faint scent of almonds, which we assume were only very lightly roasted. Not too sweet, but also not bland.  
Verdict: Drinkable.

Silk (B250/986ml.) 

Ingredients: Almond milk (95.48%), cane sugar (2%), sea salt (0.5%)
Made in: USA
Though it entices with a nice nutty scent, the milk tastes of nothing much at all, as if it’s more water than almond.   
Verdict: Diluted.

So Good (B168/986ml.) Runner Up!

Ingredients: Almond milk (96%), cane sugar (3%)
Made in: Australia Fresh and clean, this milk tastes like homemade stuff. With lumps of curd adding texture, it also looks the part. Just a hint of sweetness means it’s mild enough to pair with just about anything or drink on its own.
Verdict: So fresh and so clean.   

Vitamilk (B15/230ml.) 

Ingredients: Soy milk (89.75%), almond milk (5%), sugar (4%), oat milk (1%) 
Made in: Thailand
The thickest of all with an orangey-brown color, this milk is also very much on the sweet and creamy side. The nutty aroma is somewhat overpowered by the flavors of oats and soy, which makes total sense when you check the labeling.
Verdict: Sugar rush.