We’ve tried and tested Thailand’s top “Greek” yogurt brands to find out who makes it best.

Despite the geographical descriptor, “Greek” yogurt is essentially just plain yogurt that’s been strained of excess liquid for a thicker consistency. That said, its ultra-creamy, velvety texture makes it irresistible on a bowl of granola and fresh fruit. We’ve tried and tested Thailand’s top “Greek” yogurt brands to find out who makes it best.



Caroline (B129) BK PICK!

The large container is filled to the brim with lusciously thick creamy yogurt that almost tastes like marshmallow fluff, but even richer. It's the thickest and also the tangiest out of all five contenders— the kind that makes your lips pucker but in a really good way.
Verdict: Marshmallowy.



Dutchie (B20)

Thick and voluptuous yogurt that's unfortunately artificial tasting. Its pillowy and velvety texture sure feels satisfying, but it's the powerful fake honey flavor that puts us off finishing the pot.
Verdict: For when there’s no other choice.



Crete (B69) RUNNER UP!

Although it’s slightly less thick than Caroline's yogurt, it’s still got enough of a creamy, thick texture to bring us back for more. It has a pleasantly subtle tang, making it a light alternative to most yogurt.
Verdict: Subtle, but packs a punch.



Innocent Cow (B100)

We expected good things from this one due to its glossy-look and small container, but its texture turned out to be fairly loose and didn’t pack the tanginess we had hoped for.
Verdict: Good, but lacks lusciousness.



Ida (B28)

By far the loosest consistency with the least powerful taste. We weren’t surprised to discover it’s also the cheapest.
Verdict: A Greek wanna-be, but really it’s just yogurt.


Where to buy: All yogurts are available at most Bangkok supermarkets