Phuket native Chef Nok puts her roots to work at Pullman Phuket Panwa Beach Resort just off Makham Bay, where Tamarind is putting a new spin on Southern Thai favorites. 



In recent years, Southern Thai food has been getting a lot more glory, and the fusion bites at Tamarind blend Thai with global inspiration—think tomyum and lobster paella—all found at a postcard-perfect space just 45 minutes from Phuket’s airport. 

Start off with their pomelo salad with grilled scallops or their Thai crab and betel leaf curry (gaeng khua poo bai chaplu); the locally caught crab comes with a classic yellow curry that’s a can’t miss for the Thai food purists. 

Getting into the mains, the borders start to shift a little for a delicate balance of international and Thai influences. The Southern-style with beef stew features beef cheeks, caramalized Chiang Mai figs, soya jus, and a little bit of star anise to get that umami going. Heading to Italy via Phuket comes the tagliatelle duck panang curry, the Panang Ped, putting the Thai spices and tradition to work with freshly made noodles. 



Other insta-worthy dishes include the likes of the green papaya salad with smoked rock lobster—with a large, succulent lobster tail rising out of the dish—and the Thai spicy-style paella with seafood featuring juicy squid, mussels and prawns. 

To finish off, try the Phuket coconut ice-cream with candied bananas—a classic. Or, for you durian fiends out there, the khao niew durian dessert paired with sticky rice. They say durian is an acquired taste, and this is how you acquire it. 

As for the setting, the Tamarind space features indoor and outdoor open-air seating where you can stay safe from the rays and still take in that Makham Bay view. And that beautiful sea view isn’t just for looks, you know. Tamarind focuses on sustainability which means they work with local fishermen and markets to source fresh seafood from the markets of the city—including fresh-as-it-gets crab meat straight from the sea.

It’s the beach, it’s got the creativity and the spice, and it’s doing ingredients right—what’s not to like?




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