After two franchises in Central World and Emsphere, the immensely popular Shake Shack has sprouted yet another branch at Megabangna. To celebrate the new digs, the brand introduced a location-specific Thai milk tea drink and new ice cream flavor. Both available until the end of August. 
To replicate the addictive drink, which tourists flock toward and locals order as a pick-me-up post lunch hours, Shake Shack mixes it with the brand’s rich frozen custard ice cream for a full body flavor and texture. 
As for the ice cream, the flavor is called “Bangna-na Concrete” and blends banana with chocolate, caramel, cookies, and works in their signature vanilla custard here once again.
You can try out the new additions until August 30.
1F, Megabangna, 38, 38/1-3, 39 Moo 6 Bangna-Trad Rd. Open 10am-10pm