After teasing a new spot in Thailand last year, all-day Korean barbecue restaurant Saemaeul Sikdang has just announced it will open July 23 at CentralWorld’s seventh-floor Beacon Zone. 
The 24-hour Saemaeul Sikdang is a favorite among Thailand’s K-pop stans and Koreaphiles, especially its branch in Seoul’s Hongdae shopping and nightlife district.
The Thailand branch will feature all the restaurant’s classics, like the yeontan bulgogi (thinly sliced spicy pork) and chilbun dwaeji kimchi jjigae (7-minute pork kimchi soup), cooked for seven minutes, as the name suggests, to bring out the flavor of the kimchi and tenderize the sliced pork.
As pandemic restrictions are still in place, it’s too early to say if the restaurant will be able to open round-the-clock or offer dine-in seating when it launches.
Image: Saemaeul Sikdang / Facebook