We doughnut know about you, but we’re ready to celebrate the holey-day weekend with these a-dough-rable treats. 

24K Gold Doughnut

Image: Karrat / Facebook

You know how we feel about gold on food. The 24K Gold doughnut is, you guessed it, gold, with the taste of Cristal champagne—because they use that in the baking process—and choux. You'll also find this Madagascan vanilla under the gold trimmings.
B3,900, Karrat, 129/8 (Room A1 2F) Sukhumvit 49 (above Oysterman)


Durian Custard Cream

Image: Hippo Dough / Facebook

Truth be told, the doughnuts at Hippo Dough probably deserve half this list. They are OTT by design, so which should we choose? Well, this is the king of all fruits to some, demon to others. The durian custard cream is served with signature durian spikiness, and, of course, that aromatic smell.
B150. Hippo Dough, 245/14 Sukhumvit 31


Berries Explode

Image: Susan Croissant / Facebook

You might know Susan Croissants from, well, the croissants, but this is a big berry doughnut—but with a little cottage-style cafe joie de vivre—featuring strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cookie crumble, and cream cheese.
B379. Susan Croissant, 384/1 Ekkamai 24 Alley


Pig & Fig

Image: One Ounce for Onion / Facebook

Now sharing a kitchen at chic cafe One Ounce for Onion, Brassica opened its new home in Ekkamai earlier this year with some of the most instagrammable doughnuts in the city. For something savoury, the Pig & Fig features 18-month prosciutto di parma with fig jam and whipped goat cheese.
B290. Brassica, Ekkamai 12 Sukhumvit 63


Sashimi Doughnut 

Image: Salmonkun / Facebook
Sashimi doughnut? Sure. This, as you can tell, is fresh fish wrapped around a Japanese doughnut. They are bite-sized and the mixed box features salmon, mackerel, avacado, fish eggs, and more. 
B295. Salmonkun, 35/29 Noble House Phayathai, Phayathai Street


Galaxy Donut

Image: Flints Kraft & Kafe / Facebook

Compared to the others on the list, galaxy colours might seem a little staid. But, hey, it’s also the cheapest doughnut here at just B55. This little space donut comes with a lot of gold dust—which is scientifically inaccurate because gold is fairly rare throughout the universe, but whatever. Under that, it’s salty-sweet caramel.
B55. Flints Kraft & Kafe, 90 Trok Tuek Din, Sao Chingcha