At a very reasonable price, you can enjoy some of the best Thai fine dining on Wireless Road

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Saneh Jaan’s traditional Thai fine dining has long held its own among the international restaurants (names like Cafe Parisien, Milano Cafe, Eiffel bakery, Misho) at Wireless Road’s Glasshouse food complex, and has become a well-respected addition to the area’s strong food scene.

Now, the restaurant is upping its game with an all-new sam rap (a traditional fine-dining spread) set lunch. For B345, guests can choose between a range of tasty appetizers, curries, stir-fries, soups and desserts to enjoy inside the establishment’s elegantly designed, contemporary space.

The new menu’s palate-primers include classic favorites like crispy rice crust and pineapple with curried fish, pla krai (knifefish) cakes mixed with red curry and kaffir lime leaf and fried shrimp balls with sweet and sour sauce.

Rich, deep-flavored curries have always been one of Saneh Jaan’s strong points, and the new set lunch reflects that. Tender pork shoulder stewed with pungent Mon curry and green curry with chicken and baby eggplant are definite must-try options here. For something on the spicier side, go for the herbal pork soup with shrimp paste.

The kitchen’s wok gets some serious use as well. If curry isn’t your thing, opt for Saneh Jaan’s fragrant and spicy kraprao (with chicken or pork) or crunchy stir-fried pork rinds with chili, salty egg and kaffir lime lightly tossed in long beans—one of the restaurant’s signature dishes.

Keeping with Thai tradition, cap off the meal with some sweet saneh jaan (golden bean flour balls from which the restaurant gets its name) or coconut ice cream. Not full? Show up for lunch and get 20% off any items from the restaurant’s a la carte menu.

Saneh Jaan, Glasshouse at Sindhorn, 130-132 Wireless Rd., 02-650-9880. Open daily 11am-2pm, 6-10pm

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