This year's winner of BK's Readers' Choice Best New Restaurant award, 100 Mahaseth, teams up with the Samrub for Thai culinary team this Apr 28 for a dinner that's all about fermented and raw seafood. 

During Samrub No.6: Fantabulous Fermented Fish, expect to get your fair share of uncompromised Isaan flavors, whether it's the pungen hit of pla-ra (fermented fish) or Northeastern jungle herbs.

The team has given us a sneak preview of the menu, which includes the likes of As starters you will have the choice between sweet baby squid, deep-fried cured king mackarel cakes, stuffed frogs' leg and Isaan rice noodle salad.

To kick things off, you'll also get an amuse-bouche of Vietnamese pork sausage complemented by ant larva salad and star fruit.

It's all paired with Thaialdn's homebrew herbal whiskey, ya-dong.

There are only 50 seats available at B2,400 per head.

Make reservations through their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/samrubforthai/

100 Mahaseth, 100 Mahaset Rd., 02-235-0023