With its pastel colored exterior and Wes Anderson-esque dishes, Oh My God Mother has had Bangkokians buzzing since its fusion food opened at Emsphere—and now it’s coming for Thonglor. 
On the busy G floor at the still novel Emsphere, you can spot the after work and after school crowd milling about, which makes the half exposed front a little distracting and less private, but there are more secluded seating options at the back. 
BK tried the baby spinach salad topped with burrata and pecans (B620). The drizzled yuzu vinaigrette matches the creaminess of the cheese while the generous slices of strawberry and mango add a refreshingly juicy sweetness to mask the greens. In fact, a level of sweetness is a common thread in a lot of these dishes—which is why this salad can be a sneaky way to pack in some veggies for picky little ones.
The Blanket Pasta Cacio E Pepe (B490) is soft, handcrafted sheets of pasta folded with parmesan cream and a surprise egg yolk plopped in the middle. Black pepper and chunky bacon bites dot the plate. Even then, the ingredients are well balanced, nothing overpowers. But, there’s a catch. If you spend too long snapping away at the Insta-ready dish, these rectangle pockets will start to clump up into a giant sheet. So work that flash quickly.
Fair warning: a fair amount of pasta dishes incorporate prawns which you can’t swap for other proteins—which can be off putting for some. However, you can ask for them served separately. The Fusilli Pesto with Grilled Prawn (B650) has an earthiness from the pine nuts mixed with the sweetness of sun dried tomatoes, and the pesto itself follows the mild flavor profile. But the prawns kind of fall short: dry and lacking the satisfying crunchiness that seafood lovers need. 
Savory dishes stand out for their sweetness, but the desserts are actually toned down. The uber-popular French Earl Grey (B490) might look like an intimidating feat after the hearty meal but it's deceivingly light and fluffy texture. What’s more is the light dusting of cocoa powder and the addictive tiny balls of caramel-like chocolate waiting at the center.
This new niche joint from IBerry Group is built on the talents of Top Tables 2023 Best Chef Chalee Kader and his nostalgic menu highlighting homemade pasta and cheese. To start, the flavors are less complex than you’d expect and it’s a family friendly spot that aces a simple yet effective mall food formula.
Overall, it’s not focused on being for a sophisticated palate. But it is, as advertised, nostalgic—the simple joys of your mother’s home cooking (before you started adding to it).