The government is about to face a legal battle over its efforts, or lack thereof, to cope with Covid-19, as restaurant owners are filing a class action lawsuit for losses caused by official restrictions. 
Dubbed “Rat Fong Rat,” roughly translated as “the people suing the government,” the lawsuit campaign is being put forth by Thai restaurant owners and two legal service providers, Thai Lawyers for Human Rights and the Thammasat Law Center. 
Seeking collective compensation for every restaurant owner, the group filed their lawsuit today at 10am at the Civil Court Ratchadapisek. 

As it is a class action lawsuit, if the group wins their case, every restaurant owner would receive compensation for losses caused by last-minute changes in policy, shortened business hours, and dine-in restrictions.
Despite the government’s hopeful claim to reopen the country by Nov 1, Thailand’s battle over the virus is far from over, with only 25% of its total population fully vaccinated.