First landing in Luangsuan, Quickie opened another location at Eight Thong Lo two weeks ago. As for the brains behind the operation, they opened the Flat Iron three years ago with no association whatsoever to the Flat Iron brand (eventually naming it “No Name”). With a logo eerily similar to Shake Shack, Quickie fare is pretty solid—if a little expensive for a burger barn.

The vibe is the Americana you’d get from a bitcoin bro who built a diner on Mars. Not space age—just uniform and dangerously clean, as if someone linked together old Airstream RVs and filled them with French fries. Still, it's enjoyably classic, despite the 90s nu metal. No one wants to hear Coldplay and Korn over ice cream.

The food is delightfully unhealthy and the menu simple. There are two beef burgers, a chicken burger, and a mushroom burger. Both beef burgers claim to be 100% US beef; the eponymous Quickie Burger (B190 single, B310 double) is lettuce, tomato, cheese, and sauce, and the BBQ Bacon Burger (B240, B360) is equally straightforward. On the downside, the burgers come off greasy, not grossly so but enough to give the bun that wet, off-putting grey pallor. The sides are fries and chicken, upsold with cheese and bacon. The surprise, though, are the desserts. The shake (B140) is a simple treat done well, followed by the less simple and somehow still very, very greasy vanilla ice cream sandwich (B150), which is literally fried bread and ice cream. All of this will likely be followed by adult onset diabetes and a triple bypass.

Would we go back? Yes. There’s little left on the menu after a second visit, but we want to sink our teeth into the “Frozen S’Mores” (B160) and the beef brisket (B320).