Travelers with a sweet tooth will know the old Phuketique in Phuket Old Town, but now, rather than a plane and a taxi scam from the Phuket airport, you can have their decadent burnt butter toast right here in Thonglor.
Known for their kitsch shop house in Phuket, now they’re in a ground floor stall at the Saphan 55 spot at the end of Thonglor. It’s a simple menu at a simple venue—made simpler by the fact that Saphan 55 hasn’t really recovered yet. With the Saphan 55 Cafe (where you also order your coffee), this is the main shop you’ll spot as you walk in for your saccharine fix of toast and ice cream.
The simplest dish here is, of course, the burnt butter toast topped with a dollop of Hokkaido milk ice cream (B200), but you can also choose earl grey ice cream, honeycomb toffee ice cream, Thai tea ice cream, and more. The go-to for BK was the biscoff speculoos and ice cream, ringed in with caramel. 
The shop currently hosts 10 different variations of their burnt butter toast at their Bangkok spot ranging from B200 to B250; two versions, the ovaltine and almond green tea, come sans ice cream dollop. 
The meal-busting almost-too-sweet treats at this Bangkok venue have just opened and are already drawing excited Bangkokers—and Phuket folks looking for a sweet taste of home.
759 ,Thonglor Rd. (Saphan 55). Open Mon-Sat 10am-6pm.