Cheap by Joel Robuchon standards, that is.

The Michelin-starred dinners at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon just became that much more affordable.
Hot off receiving one star from Bangkok’s first Michelin guide, the famously fastidious French restaurant has launched a new four-course, seasonal menu that’s a full B1,150 shy of the degustation menu’s price of entry.
At B3,850 (lunch and dinner), you get the full treatment: a menu that skips from foie gras, port and parmesan foam, to the Robuchon classic of poached egg with black truffle on toasted rice, to hare a la royale—another Robuchon signature—before ending on dessert, coffee and petis fours. That’s for fall, at least.
The restaurant will soon be moving into its winter menu. Pair each course with wine for an additional B1,950, which gets you four glasses of wine from L’Atelier’s prodigious cellar.  
 5/F, Mahanakorn Cube, 96 Narathiwat Ratchanakarin Rd., Bangkok 02-001-0698