If you want to get a little extra with your khao soi, this Northern Thai restaurant is cooking up something special.
On Sukhumvit Soi 33, North originally opened as a fine dining restaurant focusing on Northern food—a rare find in Bangkok's fine dining scene, considering there are only two establishments specializing in the cuisine—boasting a century-old heritage house complete with lush green garden. 
Their newly unveiled menu, however, is not your average khao soi. The Lampang-style khao soi (B558) features creamy and deeply fragrant coconut broth and sizable slices of pink medium rare wagyu beef. The recipes have been passed down through the owner’s family, swapping the usual curry powder with pulverized chaco black cardamom, lending a strong piquant flavor. Its chicken counterpart (B288) features three local poultry option with equally satisfying flavors. 
To dilute the heat, try their lychee sorbet (B108) or cantaloupe khanom tuay (B128).
8 Sukhumvit Soi 33