If you were looking for an excuse to treat yourself to afternoon tea, then you’re in luck—TWG Tea has released a special edition high tea set that ticks all the boxes. 

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Ahead of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the new “Over the Moon” dessert set from TWG Tea Salon & Boutique conjures up images of the night sky and is as artistic as it is delicious. Delicate and elegantly served on a two-tier stand, it will make all of Instagram jealous, while sumptuous flavors pack a punch.

Mooncakes, of course, are the main event here. The “Red Lantern” mochi mooncake, decorated with an intricate chocolate Mei flower design, is almost too pretty to eat—almost. Tuck in to a red bean paste filling with melon seeds, matcha green tea and lotus paste. Resembling a golden full moon, the yellow mochi mooncake completes the magical midnight theme. Topped with a dark chocolate rabbit and filled with blueberry, marmalade and TWG Vanilla Bourbon Tea, it juggles sweet and sour flavors, making every bite a taste explosion.

Make sure you leave enough room for the Pink Flamingo Tea Jelly. A perfect dome of vibrant pink encases citrus, lychee, rambutan and longan fruits and sits on a crescent moon of crumble and fresh cream. Sweet yet refreshingly tart, it makes for the perfect palette cleanser after the rich mooncakes.

Head to a TWG Tea Salon & Boutique and spend a leisurely afternoon celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival in style. Available at all branches from Sep 26 to Oct 31. For more information, call 02-259-9510.

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