Officially launched yesterday, Larb Laren is Chaengwattana’s latest destination for Northeastern grub. You’ve got the classic variations of papaya salad, larb, chaew hon (Isaan-style hotpot), served in a modern setting.
Photo: Larb Lauren’s Interior / Facebook
Easily spotted among the natural shade, Larb Lauren’s bright orange exterior and neon sign functions as a spicy entrance. Inside, the furniture is a combination of light wood tables and vibrant colored seating. Touches of decor like cloths and woven partitions hint at the Isaan inspirations.
Photo: Larb Lauren / Facebook
The signature menu is obviously the eponymous Larb Lauren (B220), made from tender minced pork, liver, some fermented fish sauce, and topped with thick slices of bacon. 
Photo: Chaew hon / Facebook
However, chaew hon is the ideal choice for those with company. There are both pork and beef options and four chaew sauces to choose from: sour, acrid, spicy fermented fish, and miso. The broth itself is already fragrant.
Photo: Lauren Chamba / Instagram
For dessert, you might need to order the shaved ice to cool down from the spice. Their Lauren Chamba (B150) is a classic red syrup flavor drizzled with condensed milk and a choice of toppings. On Thu-Sat, a live band plays high octane Isaan and trendy tunes.
35, Khlong Kluea, Pak Kret District, Nonthaburi, 0803980999, Open daily 11am-12pm