Asoke is now home to a new Lebanese eatery with prices that won’t tear your wallet into shreds: Mezze. Found right next to Benjakitti Park, the restaurant is steered by Yahya Qatramiz, a Lebanese national born in Bangkok. 
Mezze focuses on a more traditional, home-style approach to Lebanese cuisine—a legacy started by Qatramiz’s father when he opened Abu Khalil Lebanese Restaurant here in the 1980s. 
The venue seats 50 people across three different dining zones, all decked out in celestial blue and sage tones reminiscent of the Mediterranean.
For many, kebabs and hummus are where their knowledge of Lebanese food begins and ends, and Qatramiz aims to change that by introducing about 20 homestyle mezze dishes (a style of light bites similar to tapas) to Bangkok. The cold and hot mezze sets include dishes you might already know, like falafels (B145) kibbeh (B135), and baba ghanoush (B135). Less familiar are the signature cheese rolls, which are stuffed with cream cheese spread, labneh cheese, akawi cheese, honey, and roasted almonds (B135), and the batata harra (diced and sauteed potatoes with garlic and chili sauce, B115).
Skewers are served hot off the grill and include chicken shawarma (B245), lamb kofta (B375), beef brisket (B345), and, for seafood lovers, king prawns (B385), all with chili and garlic dip. You’ll also find the requisite pasta-fusion takes on Lebanese food, such as lamb kofta ragu (B235) and beef kebab alfredo (B235).  
With bellies stuffed with mounds of mezze and skewer-loads of meats, don’t make the mistake of passing on dessert. There are traditional Middle Eastern desserts like fresh baklava with yogurt ice cream and generous scatterings of pistachio (B205) and their delicate and creamy kanafe (knafeh) (B125).  
16 Soi Sukhumvit, Khlong Toei., 081-802-3802. Open daily 11am-10pm