One of the last restaurants to open in late December 2023, Luk Khrueng (in Thai meaning “halfies,” as in mixed race) is giving boiled rice porridge, or congee (kao tom gui), a fancy, fusion take.
With Chinese origins, boiled rice porridge, a thin porridge paired with sides like stir fried morning glory, is one of the country’s favorite comfort foods.
Enter Luk Khrueng, a rooftop venue decorated with exposed wood and potted plants. Their selection of rice includes white porridge, multigrain, and steamed white rice. For your sides, this spot recommends pork jerky spicy salad with salted egg (B180) and fried cabbage with fish sauce (B120). Also check out the two-toned fried angus beef (B350) to elevate the dining experience.
The LK signature dessert, Hokkaido toast with Thai tea ice cream covered in crispy caramel coating (B220), is a soft blend of Japanese and Thai treats that will put a smile at the end of your meal.
Historically, Chinese cuisine like boiled rice porridge was viewed as high dining. But after WWII there was an increasing paranoia surrounding the influence of Chinese immigrants in Thailand’s economy and sociology. A second wave of Thai nationalism and a negative perspective towards Chinese immigrants began. Foods like boiled rice or kao tom gui had popularity, but was viewed as a “poor man’s food” the word “gui” alone translates to gangsters. 
With us through sickness and in health, whether it’s brekkie or a palliative for the common cold, boiled rice porridge is an indelible part of Bangkok’s dining scene and Luk Khrueng is taking it a little further. 
7th Floor, of Cisco Engineering Building, 248 Phahon Yothin Rd, 062-417-7711, Open Tues-Sun 12-10pm