Phrom Phong’s rising star brunch spot Larder has launched their new breakfast menu, bringing together personalized dishes and showcasing some mouthwatering Polish staples. 
Dubbed Brekkie 2.0, the menu, though simple looking, has depth and effuses with the chefs’ personal touches. Their guacamole topped with gooey poached egg and crispy rye crackers (B260), for instance, distinguishes itself from the regular mashed avocado by mixing it with coriander oil. The crackers, meanwhile, derive from their prized rye sourdough, baked to a perfect crunch. The end result is a light, fluffy, hearty plate to get your morning engine running.  
As both Adrian and Radek don’t want to serve things people can easily find elsewhere, their new menu doesn’t limit itself to one cuisine. The thinly sliced Japanese beef filet beef tataki on their countryside sourdough as an open-faced sandwich (B280) is as addictive as it gets, prickling with a gently spicy aftertaste. The Eggcellency poached egg (B260) showcases their housemade smoked salmon topped with ikura roe, hollandaise sauce, and perfectly poached egg. 
On the sweet side, their fresh, creamy pierogi—Polish culinary delight in the form of dumplings—stuffed with fresh strawberries and sour cream warrants another visit.
Sukhumvit Soi 39. Open Tue-Thu 8am-5pm. Fri-Sun 8am-5pm; 6pm-10pm. Tel. 093-009-4494